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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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you remember on may 21st i reported to you that the friends of the lib provided a discretionary fund budgeted at 65 thousand per year and such gifts were not closed on the required form. and that the california fair political practices commission had nountdz it was investigating my complaint. pugh you might ask about this. if you look at the friends gifts to the legislator the total is $4,102. the reason is that the california f p pc is looking over their shoulder and they're only giflg what they can willfully report.
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the friends don't give anything at all. not only will the board of supervisors not hold private fundraiser account but they know thaim they'll arrest the citizens its david chu's offices that protects the graph. david chu having me arrested does not solve the societies problems and the lies cost more than the money >> >> next speaker, please. >> members the board of supervisors. what you see on the screen right now if they will put it up an order i placed it in july of 2011 more than two years ago. mr. herrera constantly withheld
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records until finally the task force sent this letter to the board of supervisors six months ago asking you to take action so when are we going to do this? no takers. you you know the sunshine ordinance says your entitled to answer. i go to my member of the supervisors but that's mr. chu he doesn't not like to talk to his constituents. now let me point out one thing. after you have retaliated
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against the former members of the task forces lead by weaning those are your members of the sunshine members of the task forced. and i all sit there looking at each other. i was originally going to yell out one of you sit your fat asss in your seats. you leave the room you have private conversations and you'd have the sheriff take us out and arrest us. what a bunch of hypocrites >> thank you. next speaker. >> ladies and gentlemen of the
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audience and for the record i've been a city and county resident for 44 years. i'm also a holder of a malin over the past 2 to 3 years the city has been raping taxi drivers and putting finances on us in order to enhance their revenue to increase the coffers to the sfmta. they're putting taxi drivers in hock when the sfmta takes a hundred thousand off the top. i'm a taxi driver and their forcing me to turn my medallion over to the city when they were
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supposed to giving me my medallion to buy my own taxi and the wheelchair industry for 3 years. i show you something here very briefly that the ramp taxi in the city and county of san francisco gets final side for up to $150 a month where he pickup walkers. they're not given to us by the mobile agency that are nonprofits in the city and county of san francisco they get millions of dollars and they want to get us to do their bikd and they fin us. i've been paying those finances for two years now. i tell you as supervisors in the
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city and county f this is fraud. and that's it >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm peter executive director of library users association. earlier this afternoon some of you mentioned some great contributors to our city it recently died. i'm wanting to say that the city a honored to have some excellent seniors still living on this side of the podium and to a point out a new book. last month this b of a's book was published not in my library.
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it's written by the sanford a long term head librarian in minnesota. the library has 5 of his titles. the forward is by a pass president of the library association. this book has in the index 5 mentioned for james and 4 mentions for myself and apparently no more than 3 for any other individual. on page 10 in the introduction mr. bierman was interviewed on the occasion of getting the highest award an page 10 he says
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without doing a humiliate trip i'd like to share this award with and there's some bullet items and the last one is 5 activists who love libraries so much they're willing to fight for them. and he mentions a number of others. thanks very much >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> my name is jean. i'm quoting in and out of context progress publishes printing 1966 in the union of soviet sober i thought republics. but everyone who died in the spring of 1945 were positive it
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belonged to son-in-law. in 1945 to collapses of the third right in the efforts of nazi creek to hold for the crimping interior. quote wednesday february '78 the furor spoke and ss crew would have was an separately colorful finger. and it was the right fewer and was the his letters were right hand. when is war was drawing close he had to came back allies of coming to terms. and joint action against the soviet union. he established contact with the va can and then a gentleman in
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waiting kablthd allen douglas who is in swid land at the time. your strategy influence with long talks was started. the rosens entered and wolf informed hitler and the mediation was discussed, connotation and orientation and super national piety >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm stan i live on john street i'm here representing the san francisco committee for flown utilities.
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i know you've heard from us before to place all utilities underground it will make the city satisfactory and it's the right thing to do. task forces have laid auto ways to do this and have taken surveys from homeowners and rents and they'll agreed to pay. besides the fact their expensive to repair an initiative doesn't get a lot of outcome. so the loss of electricity it putting people's lives in dagger and that's something nobody wants to do. the good news it's voidable. many other cities as you know
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have done it san diego and berlin and other countries. there's been a article about skrirldz and thousand of people losing they can't recall power and with lots of schoolgirls it can happen here. thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm sissy work in the performing arts department of the succulent. i want to thank supervisor chu for remembering ruth and i'm honored to be here with the children of ruth she had many
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children and grandchildren. she was a mother and a grandmother and she gave summoning so much to many manufacture she cared about gardens and children and making sure that nothing went to waste. she never took no for an answer and as i traffic this country families and parents asked me they want to know if i know who ruth was and i tell them yes. i say that a all over the school district was named after her. the school was to be move forward where the students can work with the greatest art. she went to the black college to
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work with the genius of their time. she understood the importance of place. help me keep the promise to let her generosity continue and a thank you very much >> next speaker, please. >> >> i'm going to be brief. i want to read something she wrote when we and my father wanted to get married they had to come to california. professor at black maintain college said the world is your those take care. i didn't know what he said by each of us could shape our own world you become the pearl and
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you rub and rub and rub. we choose san francisco to shape our world and we have our children and grandchildren and a our first brand new car and the same husband for thirty years i think that's a good those take care >> thank you to you and your family. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm diane i'm a resident in the destroying of san francisco for 20 years now. i'm also a park merced receipt and i don't see our supervisor here but just throwing it out there i know the development agreement is moving forward piecemeal i guess 8 brotherhood
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way which is in the office in the new park merced zone i guess. i don't know i'm just a citizen i'm not a lawyer or real estate agency i'm a tenant i'm not a homeowner and very frustrated with tree removal, the leasing agreements. it would be nice to have small business mite this development deal between actual residents vs. the notices that go out to the so-called owners. we miss a lot of notices will hearings and trees are being removed by questionable companies that are not getting
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the permits that residents are to be paid for to assure public safety. so just putting it out there the residents would love to have a mitigateer someone they could talk to because we're in limbo. thank you >> >> next speaker, please. >> what argue looking at is a stopwatch and i thought i'd bring this a donate this to the board to try to singeing the clock. last time i think i had 40 seconds to go and was trying to utilize the policy to emphasis
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an important point so show you i'm leaving this here. i'm jesus, jedz of nasoregularity whom you prosecutor. when paul heard those words in his areas this is acts chapter two 2 he was shocked and when i said i couldn't see for the glory of that light but the hands that letting lead me and won a devote man came into me and said brother saul receive your sight. and immediately having the help w from god and witnessed to small and great saying nothing which the proof tests and moses
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said he should show the light into the people and the gunmen tills. christ by dying on the cross turned the wrath of god away from us. there's a man in numbers 25 i heard it was preached at the grass bible church and also has a radio program. god said he - >> thank you. next speaker. >> i live on public drive. we have something rewarding
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proposed installation on cell antennas on rooftop of residential tower in park merced. we attended planning commission meeting on august 1st. we have attempted to get signature from the supervisor in order to bring our concern before the board but it has been impossible due to how the supervisors are. we feel that we have been denied due process under the law. today is our deadline to get the signatures but we have been unable to reach most of the supervisors. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm with
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the accreditation of parking merced. i'm also a resident of park merced. i'm here in support of my fellow resident here. we need two signatures by 5 clock. we want to thank the supervisors but we need two inches. i'm asking two supervisors that are present today that are environmentally conscious that are concerned about the health and safety of over 6 hundred park merced residents to step up. we need two signatures by 5 clock and allow us to have our day before the board of supervisors. i know there are at least 2 of you who are concerned about cell phone towers.
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it was mentioned that we need die process we're asking for due process. we believe we have a very strong argument to win that and there's adequate coverage and we have 3 cell phone towers we don't need another one. this will l one about be placed on a tower of 3 hundred residents. being an activist out there a lot of those residents will leave that particular tower if those antennas go in. two of i please and sign this petition >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm jenny. today, i'm here to ask for your support to stop the harvesting
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in china. the incredible reports is systematic station from prisoners in china. includingful from a large number of people in prison for religious beliefs. allegations began to surface in 2006. a list of 17 hospitals in china admitted they have uses organs and then also, we have, you know, a dr. who is in a province and, you know, she testified that her husband of two years took the cornea from a partial that were during this year a
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bipartisan resolution to call for the end of those crimes. we know that a congresswoman co- sponsored a resolution and also many folks to sign the petition you have the forms. i include that in the envelope to write a letter to ask our congresswoman to support. we're going to have a relay from thursday from 11 thirty to 130 i encourage you to come and you can sign the petition to your congressman and congresswoman that were this is a crime against humanity that were it's been national or religious so i rile encourage everybody
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (speaking foreign language). >> to everyone i'm a practitioner i came from china to tell everything how people are prosecuted. >> (speaking foreign language). >> when i was in china i was kidnapped by the police because i tried to send out the clarification materials to people. >> (speaking foreign language).
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>> during the time i was detained in the detention center i was forced to take the blood pressure test one in the morning and afternoon and after two weeks everyday. >> (speaking foreign language). >> when asked the drs. they take the blood pressure test of me rather than the real sick people and the doctor says we have direction from the leader we need all those tests. >> (speaking foreign language). >> this also what a physical
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expansion every month including 5 indicators. >> (speaking foreign language). >> the leader of the detention center told you that every year he has a pay millions for those tests. >> (speaking foreign language). >> i hope this can actually be started for you to understand how about how the organize harvesting and highway people are prosecuted in china. thank you >> (speaking foreign language).
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>> except in my own experience when when we were detained people were forced to do a blood test. >> (speaking foreign language). >> due to the traditionally belief most of the chinese keep their body intact so the wise minister mid that most of the organizes they use are from the
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dash row prisoners. >> (speaking foreign language). >> in 2005 the organizes harvested - well. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (speaking foreign langua )
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language). >> i am a practitioner as well i come from china. in 2004 i was detained and during that time i was told the law and i also was force to do the blood test. when i asked for the doctor and the guard and they tell us that every practitioner has to take this exam >> (speaking foreign


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